Housekeepers - Residential & Office Cleaning Since 2002
Housekeepers Maids use the MAIDLOGIC Method to keep your home completely and continuously clean
Housekeepers is a BBB Accredited Cleaning Service in Winder, GA
  Housekeepers Maid Service gives you the clean house experience you deserve.

Why Choose HOUSEKEEPERS MAID SERVICE For Your House Cleaning?

The MAIDLOGIC House Cleaning Method:
Ensures consistent  house cleaning that surpasses the competition.

Quality Assurance Program:
Ensures the quality maid service you expect.

 Employee Training & Safety Program: 
Provides well trained maids and expert house cleaning.
Verified Maids:
Thorough background and reference checks 
for your maids.

 No Cancellation Fees:
Some maid services charge for cancellations. We understand that you need to make changes.

 No Added Charges for Our Supplies:
Some maid services charge extra for using their supplies. We are happy to use yours or ours - for the same low cost.

 No Restrictive Lists:
Some maid services only clean the items on the cleaning list.  We  give you house cleaning for "your" home - all of it.

If you have never used a maid service for your house cleaning or you've had maid service for years, visit our Getting Started page to learn how our house cleaning service works.  Or you can skip right to the Services / Rates page.

For immediate service, you may call us at 404-510-9845 or use the contact us form.

We are happy to offer cleaning service to Duluth, Lawrenceville, Johns Creek, Lilburn and Suwanee in Gwinnett County. Visit our service areas page for a complete list of counties and cities where we offer our house cleaning and office cleaning services.

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